This testimonial is regarding Dr. Sean Stoddard and the work he performed on my ankle in July of 2012.  Prior to being referred to Dr. Stoddard, I was in constant pain as the result of an ankle injury that had occurred during a motorcycle accident in 1993.  Visits to orthopedic surgeons had resulted only in recommedations for an ankle fusion, a procedure that I was told by former recipients may not be successful at stopping the pain.  The pain in my ankle had become unbearable during the last couple years leading up to my first consultation with Dr Stoddard.  I was walking with a cane and taking pain medication, which was affecting my quality of life.  A third party mentioned Dr Stoddard and his Foot and Ankle Clinic.  My consultation with him revealed that I was a candidate for a total ankle or Inbone® ankle replacement.  The promise of pain relief without a fusion seemed almost too good to be true.  Surgery was scheduled and performed.  After several months of rehab I was walking and without pain.  Today my quality of life has vastly improved and I will always be grateful to Dr. Stoddard.

Jack C. – Chico, California

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Dr. Stoddard in December 2013 after my successful recovery from reconstructive shoulder surgery performed by the same Orthopedic Group’s Dr. Fitzpatrick, who recommended Dr. Stoddard.

In March 2011 I contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis in my lower left leg/ankle/foot. The infection resulted in the loss of nearly 40% of my ankle bone and limited my range of movement to less than 10% – up/down, no lateral movement what so ever. Also my foot and ankle were in constant pain. I was on a daily regimen of 75mg Tramadol 2x’s daily until the ankle was replaced in January 2014 by Dr. Stoddard.

In December 2013 I consulted with Dr. Stoddard on my ankle and what reconstruction could be performed to increase range of movement and reduce or eliminate the constant and nagging pain. (The pain level in my ankle was a constant – numbing – 8-9 on a scale of 1-10, 24/7.

Dr. Stoddard evaluated my ankle, my desire to increase mobility and reduce the chronic pain. After several consults with other Orthopedics to discuss my ankle and its ‘current’ condition – Frozen bone mass, Dr. Stoddard recommended a total ankle replacement.

Dr. Stoddard discussed the entire procedure with me – Up and downsides – Best case – No pain and good range of movement for the entire foot and ankle – system. Worst case – I’d be a Pirate with a nice Peg-leg on the left side. ‘Spinning’ would NOT be a problem, dancing would be… Luckily the better of the two cases prevailed. I had the total ankle replacement completed by Dr. Stoddard and his team at SOCO. My recovery has been a challenge, (self-inflicted – When the Dr. tells you to do or NOT do something, listen and follow direction.),… a little longer than I had hoped. I am now walking, pain free, I’m still in Physical Therapy, working on range of motion and re-building leg/foot muscle. The recover for me was a little longer than normal or expected due to my past ankle history and infections…and I pushed the process, a little harder than I should have – Hind sight is always 20/20.

I would recommend Dr. Stoddard without reservation. Dr. Stoddard completed an extremely complicated and lengthy ankle replacement as promised. Immediately after surgery I had NO pain or discomfort in the ankle or foot, for the first time in nearly 4 years.

For those who are contemplating this type of procedure – It is NOT pain free, by any means. It is a LONG process. It is NOT the same as your original ankle – OEM. It is an implant and needs to be understood as such. If you’re the type of person who is looking for a miracle or a ‘Magic Bullet’! There is NO such thing! I was in a position with my ‘original parts’ – Ankle of constant pain, no movement and the high probability of a complete break and loss of the foot. So my options were limited. I went in understanding that if this procedure did NOT work I would likely end up with prosthetic foot. I did NOT go in expecting any miracles; I have a long road of PT to rebuild my foot and leg muscles and will always walk with a limp. But at least I have ‘my’ foot!

I would highly recommend Dr. Stoddard, as well as all the other Orthopedic Professionals at SOCO.

Alan L.


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